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Have you thought of different solutions for your
investment to which you have devoted energy,
resources and even hopes for the future.
Whatever your doubts, we are here to show you
that short does not mean risky or lessprofitable,
because for us short means the maximum..

Fill in the form or contact us to be part of the
Easylife world.

The advanatges of a full managment

We are different from other short term rental management companies
because we sort out all your requests quickly with a mix
of services that makes our apartments special.

Property Promotion

Through a professional photo shoot we create a profile of the property and promote it on the best performing channels.

Guests Management

From arrival to departure, all check-ins and check-outs, reservations and assistance are taken care of down to the last detail.

Transparency Management

Through our platform you control bookings, payments and the whole process by simply logging on.

Safety and Cleanings

We put in place careful policies for the maintenance and standing of the flat and guarantee against damage.

Bureaucratic Compliance

We take care of: communications to the police, residence taxes, SCIA Municipality, periodic reporting, payment of withholding tax, annual reporting.

The advantages of short term

Easylife advatages
Higher Profits

It is possible to vary prices according to seasons and conditions.

Easylife advatages
Flexibility in home use

It can only be rented at times of the year when it is not in use.

Easylife advatages
Advanced Payment

With the advanced payment, the risks of traditional leases are avoided.

Easylife advatages
Full Management

No worries, short-term rental becomes easier and smoother for landlords.

Easylife advatages
Less wear-and-tear damage

Maintenance and inspection of the property is done after each departure.

The advatnages of Short Term

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Get the most doing...

Easylife strives to make you get the most from
the management of your apartment quickly:

  • Maximise the occupancy

  • Full and Safe management of the apartment

  • Transparency, you can check any time
    how your apartments is performing and
    manage it through our online platform

From 15% to 40% additional profit compared to
traditional rentals with less risks
thanks to the full management.


Short Time, Best Result

The best result quickly. We work in a
transparent and quick way to guarantee you
the best results in terms of occupancy, safety
and management if your property
. We are precise,
reliable, determined to grow and we want to do it with you.

We respect the wishes of our customers, their need for
have no worries and we like to show that we are good at it.
By short time, you don't waste a minute of your investment.

About Us

About Us

Easylife Review

Easylife has a new idea for your temporary stay,
whether it will be unforgettable is up to you,
but we take care of everything else.

Easylife Reviews stars

Great place to stay close to main train station at city metro. Very clean with all amenities one would need! Nice area with plenty of restaurants in the area! Highly recommend!!

Easylife Reviews stars

Magnifique appartement, hôte très réactif et la localisation est fantastique. Une de mes meilleures expériences avec AirBnB.

Easylife Reviews stars

società assolutamente affidabile e in grado di valorizzare al meglio il tuo immobile. Siamo con loro da 3 anni, pienamente soddisfatti!

Easylife Reviews stars

Ottima soluzione abitativa, centrale, comoda e confortevole. Donato e il suo staff si sono dimostrati cordiali, chiari e puntuali

Easylife Reviews stars

The apartment is located very close to the Duomo and has everything you need for a stay and it was very clean. Communication was great! I definitely recommend it.

Easylife Reviews stars

Società giovane, seria e affidabile.

Easylife Reviews stars

I was in Milan for 2 weeks and this was by far the best apartment I stayed in. The apartment itself is brand new— a wonderful modern space. It’s on a busy street (so parking is very difficult— the only downside) but noise level was never bad. In the evenings, it was always very quiet. The open patio is a bonus and a rare space in Milan— nowhere will you find a place with 180 degree view of the city: this is a real GEM!”

Easylife Reviews stars

La casa è bellissima, grande e molto pulita, il team è sempre reperibile e a disposizione per ogni necessità. Super consigliato